Here comes the color. Finally.

Fall weather has been slow to arrive this year and with it, the beautiful Fall foliage. It’s almost November (eek!) and the last of the trees are just beginning to change. I’m still putting my new camera through its paces – there’s this stretch of gorgeous trees that I pass every morning on the way to work, so today, I left a little early and snapped some snaps. I only wish I had a wide angle lens to show the full row of trees in all their bright red glory in one picture.


  1. soupaddict says:

    Ever the poet, my friend….

  2. Bill Brohaugh says:

    Fall is my favorite time of year. Crisp mornings, invigorating afternoons. Sunshine forgiving and illuminating. Leaves like papyrus declaring their ancient and glorious past as you shuffle through them; leaves speaking to you sharply but soothingly as they forecast the green and pleasant future that they will nurture with their autumn and winter rest.

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