New Year’s Party Food Round-up


Hello, New Year's Eve Eve! I've always loved the turn of the year. Not for the parties — no, this girl stays home for a low-key celebration with the sibs, our collective four-legged friends and, often, a movie. Food is, of course, central, but a total joy to prepare — no pressure of Christmas dinner perfection. No one cares if the balance of cuisines is cattywampus. Or if everything — or nothing — is batter fried. No one's judging the cheese plate. No one's … [Read more...]

Green Goddess Crostini

Green Goddess Crostini

It's probably more than a little Freudian that every time I type the name of the dressing that inspired this dish, it comes out "Goodess." Remember Green Goddess dressing? From the 70's? No? Too young? Me, too! [cough] But I've heard about the 70's, and by "heard about" I mean that I totally did not carry my elementary school books in a huge, clear, super-thick-raincoat-plastic tote bag with big pink, blue, green and purple flower-power flowers painted all over it in the 70's. No, … [Read more...]

Dark Chocolate Pistachio Brittle

Dark Chocolate Pistachio Brittle 5

It's fascinating how micro-trends pop-up on the interwebs. One day, Trend X is everywhere you look; the next, gone in a flash: Oreos in everything. Saffron in everything. Egg nog in everything. This week alone, I've seen a dozen recipes for chewy, caramel-ly, nutty-somethings, just on the sites I regularly browse. So I pinky-swear that I made this brittle before the deluge of nut caramels hit the interwebs. In fact, it started out as simple pistachio brittle, but then in subsequent … [Read more...]

Tikka Masala Soup

Tikka Masala Soup 1

I'm probably the only food blogger on the planet who hasn't pumped out post after post about Christmas entertaining. Peppermint or egg-nog flavored [insert dish here]. How to decorate with herbs/fruit/milk bottles/origami. The well-worn "Christmas gifts for cooks" list (even Kimball's list was ... odd. A $30 timer? Seriously?). Cookie swaps everywhere. Ho ho ho hum. Don't get me wrong, I haven't gone completely over to the Grinch side. I like holiday festivities — Christmas … [Read more...]

Potato Chip Tortilla

Potato Chip Tortilla 1

This is one of those recipes that makes you crinkle your forehead in confusion. Potato chips? In a Spanish tortilla? Okey dokey. Our next assignment in the French Fridays with Dorie cooking group featured Dorie Greenspan's simplification of the Spanish potato-egg-cheese dish, using potato chips instead of potatoes. On further thought, the curious substitution turns out to be a simple shortcut: in potato chip form, potatoes come pre-peeled and pre-seasoned. Nice.  The … [Read more...]

Twice-Fried Potatoes & Caramelized Leek Soup

Twice-Fried Potato & Leek Soup 1

I had a really hard time coming up with a name for this soup. It's like no potato soup I've made before — deep, rich, earthy. Creamy and savory. It's the potato version of a particularly wonderful mushroom bisque. Plain old "Potato and Leek Soup" just wasn't going to cut it. The title I chose is long and wordy, but it felt wrong to leave out any of the details ("Leek" and "Caramelized Leek" are two different beasts, you know). So it all started with the humble potato. Have you … [Read more...]

Secret Stash Cookies


Say Hello to my very favorite cookie — ever.  Hello, favorite cookie, ever. [muah!] It's not a fancy, perfectly decorated work of art. It doesn't contain the latest culinary flavor faves. It's simple, really: a soft vanilla cookie slathered in whipped dark chocolate ganache. But. it. is. so. good. When Lindsay of Love & Olive Oil announced that she and Julie of The Little Kitchen were hosting their first annual Food Blogger Cookie Swap, it took me all of two seconds to … [Read more...]

Ingredients: Saffron

Saffron 3

I grew my own saffron this year! I can hardly believe it myself, as saffron seems so exotic to me that surely it must thrive in only the most steamy, glittering regions of the world. But, nope. My saffron was perfectly happy in a box planter fitted with some caging to keep out the critters, blooming like mad. In Ohio. In November. As I wrap up my first year of hands-on experience with this flower — Saffron threads are the stigmas of a specific type of crocus — I … [Read more...]

Spicy Quinoa Patties

Spicy Quinoa Patties 3

You're probably thinking:  Whoaaa, wait, quinoa in the middle of the Christmas baking frenzy? Are you crazy? Where's the sugar, SoupAddict? Where's the sugar!! Here's the thing: I'm getting a little overwhelmed by all the sweet-treat recipes zooming around the Interwebs. Yes, I'm doing my fair share of baking, and I even participated in the 1st Annual Food Blogger's Cookie Swap (hosted by Love and Olive Oil and The Little Kitchen — more on that Monday, the 12th, with a recipe for my favorite. … [Read more...]

Mulligatawny Reboot

Mulligatawny 1

Meet my favorite chicken soup in the entire world. I first wrote about mulligatawny a couple of years back, when I was still getting a grip on this incredible dish, tweaking the ingredients, finding just the right flavor profile and process. Since then, I've made this soup so frequently, the recipe is burned in my brain — good thing, too, because my sole print copy documenting my experiments is wrinkly with chicken stock stains and covered with fading, smudgy pencil scribbles. This … [Read more...]

Chick & Split Pea Falafels

Chickpea and split pea falafels 3

Oh, falafel. I do [heart] you so. It's fried food that's healthy! Yaaay! Woo-woot! [awkward silence] Okay, you caught me in a frenzy of denial. Fried food isn't really healthy. But, as fried food goes, falafels are probably healthier than, say, your average french fry. Loaded with protein, thanks to chickpeas and my own addition of split peas — one of my favorite legumes — falafels are filling, economical and oh-so-tasty. And they're vegetarian without being in-yo-face … [Read more...]