Chocolate Chip Brioche Rolls

Chocolate Chip Brioche Rolls 1

Saturday was one of those days when I just needed some chocolate. It was sunny and reasonably warm, which meant that everyone would be out running their errands. The grocery store was especially exasperating. The Kroger where I shop crams as much into that store as possible, leaving narrow, barely two-cart-width aisles. This is the source of much shopping irritation and blood pressure spikes. Parents, here's a secret that folks who are small-child-free never have the chance to talk … [Read more...]

Mushroom Shakshuka

Mushroom Shakshuka 1

I've wanted to post about shakshuka for ages. Probably one of my favorite vegetarian dishes ever, I've only not written about it here because it was first introduced to the food blog world by Smitten Kitchen (adapted from Saveur), and it's a pretty good bet that if ya'll are here reading this now, you've already have seen it on Smitten's site. I make shakshuka a lot. Often. Year-round. So much so that the dish has morphed into summer and winter versions at Casa SoupAddict. My summer … [Read more...]

White Chocolate Meyer Lemon Squares

White Chocolate Meyer Lemon Bars 3

I will be very sad to see Meyer lemon season end. They're so bright and cheery — little orange puff balls filled with puckery sweet goodness. Last weekend, I was craving something lemony — something sweet and lemony. And nutty. And chocolatey. Lemon bars sounded good. Sort of. But I'm not really a fan of the thick, jellied layer of lemon that adorns most recipes. I wanted something slightly creamier — creamier than the jellied lemon but definitely short of … [Read more...]

Garden Planning


This is a big weekend coming up at Casa SoupAddict: I'll be sowing the seeds for all of the indoor-started vegetable plants for my 2012 gardens. I'm beginning a bit earlier than usual, because I'm betting, based on our super-mild winter, that spring will be equally mild and seedlings-in-the-ground-friendly as early as mid-April. (The last frost date here is May 15th, the first safe planting date for frost-sensitive plants.) However, regardless of the weather, my plan all along was to get a … [Read more...]

Coconut Curry Chicken Soup

Coconut Curry Chicken Soup 4

I woke up Sunday morning and decided I just wasn't feeling the day's planned dinner menu. Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday, and the idea was to kick off the Mardi Gras season with a big batch of gumbo (and post about it today). Two things put the kibosh on that plan: I was out of filé powder, with no nearby source for it (and gumbo really needs that little hit of sassafras to be New Awlins authentic). So, that was a bummer (#firstworldproblems). And, the kiboshier thing of the two:  a big heavy … [Read more...]

DIY Amaretto & Amaretto Sour

DIY Amaretto 1

Yesterday, I left you hanging on the promise of homemade amaretto in the wake of DIY sour mix. And here we are again, so soon. Hi, Everyone! It's 5 o'clock somewhere, right? Let's get started! In my excitement over the success of the sour mix, I was dying to know what other cocktail favorites could be DIY'ed. True spirits were out — I don't have the set up for distilling (ha ha — moonshine a la SoupAddict). Liqueurs, I guessed, might have a better shot. I eyeballed my … [Read more...]

DIY Sweet & Sour Mix

DIY Sweet & Sour Mix with Blood Orange 1

It all started innocently enough at the grocery store. Although my Kroger carries a moderate selection of wine and spirits, I rarely shop for those items there. Still, I was very confused one day when, in the hunt for sweet & sour mix, I couldn't find any (and ditto for the department's one employee, natch — the blonde with the short hair — the weekend "wine steward," the one who rolls her eyes when I ask where the Boone's Farm is. She's conveniently no where to be found and … [Read more...]

Egg Curry

Egg Curry 1

I love-love-love Indian cuisine, and one of the few regrets of my foodie life is that I didn't discover it until I was well into adulthood. The flavors, the spices, the colors. It's food I crave, and often. For a long time, I was too intimidated to try my hand at preparing anything but the most basic dishes — as I suspect many folks are, the first time one eyeballs the often huge list of ingredients, with strange sounding (to Western ears) names. Asafetida, methi seeds (fenugreek), … [Read more...]

Blood Orange & Meyer Lemon Marmalade with Amaretto

Blood Orange & Meyer Lemon Marmalade with Amaretto 5

Ya know, I have to say, seasonal eating rocks. It's impossible to get into a food rut when you're swapping out fruits and vegetables every couple of months. (And if you reach the point where you can't. look. another squash. in the face. there's the interwebs, serving up boundless recipe inspiration until the new kids arrive.) But it's only been the last few years that I've totally changed my mind about January and February. Usually unbearably dreary months for this summer girl, I've … [Read more...]

Smashed Sweet Potatoes with Curried Onion Jam

Smashed Sweet Potatoes with Curried Onion Jam 1

I'm a sweet potato weirdo. Oh my guhness, I do not like sweet potatoes with marshmallows and brown sugar and maple syrup. I know!  But please don't send your burly cousins to work me over until I admit that I love-love-love your Nana's Secret Sweet Dreams Tater and Honey Pillows recipe. Because I'm a super chicken, and I'll sing it to the stars, the wonders of sweet potatoes drowned in gloppy, sweet toppings, before the first fist ever flies. But in my heart, I'll … [Read more...]

Hungarian Winter Stew

Hungarian Winter Stew 1

Although the winter has been unbelievably, wonderfully mild in my little dot on the midwestern U.S. map, my comfort food cravings remain rooted in warming spices — Indian cuisine, Mexican, Moroccan, Hungarian. Curry spice blends, dried peppers toasted and freshly ground, sriracha, harissa, harrisa and more harissa. And paprika. I've been in paprika heaven. This quirky little grocery store about a mile from my house carries the most amazing selection of international victuals. I'm … [Read more...]

Gorgonzola Dolce & Apple Quiche


I admit it. I have a hard time leaving well enough alone. I look at a recipe, and the first thing I want to do is change it, add my own twist. A psychiatrist might say I have control issues ("It's my way or the highway, man!"), or trust issues ("Why would you add the milk in that step? It'll be clumpy. Clumpy!"). But I think it's simply just this: I like to play with my food. And I know what flavors I enjoy together. So when I read through the recipe for today's French Fridays with … [Read more...]

15-Minute Thai Chicken with Rice Noodles

Thai Chicken with Rice Noodles 1

By all accounts, dinner time at Casa SoupAddict should be a sigh of relief, getting behind the stove after a day of not being behind the stove and doing lots of thing that have nothing to do with cooking or gardening. Or napping. (Yes, SoupAddict loves the nap.) But during the week, I can't say that's always true (about dinner, not the nap — it's oh-so-very true that I love da nap). I have just the teeny tiniest bit of suspicion that maybe ya'll can relate: It's 6:30, it's been a long day, … [Read more...]