Scenes from a Yard in Mid-May

Sugar snap peas bloom while their curly tendrils grasp for purchase


raspberries + blueberries


baby cilantro + purple sage flowers + seedhead of flat parsley


catalpa tree blossoms + chive flowers


fingerling potatoes + first blooming tomato


garlic scapes + robin's egg shell


  1. Susan Becker says:

    It’s like word from my third daughter. Feels wonderful to hear from you!

  2. This is so perfect right now! 1) It answers my question about the tree I saw on Mother’s Day while on the phone with my mother- a catalpa- without reverse image searching 2) I had never seen blueberries growing- they look like leetle succulents! and 3) I love sweet peas. So delicate and bright! Thanks for the lovely post on your garden.

  3. Beautiful photography and plants. I didn’t know you could eat chive blossoms! I’m so far behind on my gardening, but this is an inspiration to get moving…hard to do when you’re 30 weeks pregnant :)

  4. Darlynne says:

    I would list your pictures (your entire garden, apparently) under “In my wildest dreams.” And I know just how walking through it in the early morning would sound. Thank you.

  5. So many things to look forward to eating this summer with that backyard! Great pictures

  6. Oh my! perfection!!!

  7. Gorgeous photos! The sugar snap pea blooms are so sweet looking! You’re going to have so much fun cooking with all those goodies!

  8. Marissa says:

    My favorite picture is the one of the egg shell. It’s cool to think that there are some needy chicks up above somewhere. I’m also jealous of how big your tomato plants are, I got a late start on growing my tomato seeds, so they are only half as tall as that, and not even in the garden yet! I need to get moving if I want tomatoes any earlier than August!

  9. Great photos! Keep up the great work!

  10. Phyllis Ryan says:

    The garden looks so beautiful. I miss veges, but I did put in two Topsy Turvy plants. A Purple Cherokee and a Mortgage Lifter. Wish me luck, last year the squirrel ate everything.

  11. Gorgeous! Especially the peas, they are so pretty! I’m not sure where you live, but we’re a little behind up here in Canada(and I’m behind in all the work I need to get done!) but my tomatoes should be in the ground this week – I’m so excited! Seeing your beautiful garden makes me want to get out in mine!

  12. Wow…everything is looking really good! My peas have little blooms too. I cannot wait to see the little bitty peas.

  13. Sweet. I love that you ended with the robin’s eggshell. I love finding those, so delicate and special and such a beautiful color.

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