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Zesty Lemon Lime Mojitos |

Karen’s Zesty Lemon Lime Mojitos for Four

Holy Limepocalypse, Batman! Have you seen the prices of limes lately? My jaw hit the floor this morning when I saw that Kroger had raised its lime prices overnight from 99¢ each to 4 for $5 (that’s Kroger marketing’s coy way of saying a buck twenty-five each). I think we’ve all noticed the higher lime…

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Super Stacked Quesadilla Pie |

Super Stacked Quesadilla Pie

This was one of those great little quirky weekends. Beeeyootiful weather. Like, awesome sunshine, totally-can’t-remember-the-46″-of-winter-snow, perfect temps weather. I spent lots of time in the garden. I even tried to shoot my very first video for y’all from my tomato garden, and — total newbie mistake — I shot it with my phone using a…

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