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Halloween Treats

Hi Everyone,

Browsing the web as I love to do, I’ve been so impressed by the creativity shown in this year’s Halloween-themed recipes.

No, wait … don’t run screaming. We’re talking, way beyond cupcakes with candy corns stuck in them, people (which is about my speed as far as pastry decorating goes). I’ve seen the most amazing Halloween cakes ever, plus wonderfully executed scary-themed appetizers to boot.

Okay, I’ll stop babbling now (I know! A miracle!) and get to the goods.

(All photographs in this post are copyrighted to the owners of the posts I link to.)

First up, this cake had me absolutely swooning. It’s from last year, but gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous:

from I Am Baker

One of my favorite cakes of the season, also from the incredible I Am Baker. Can you believe it? Talk about haunted cakes!

from I Am Baker


Another amazingly clever cake — with cake pop polka dots!

from Snowy Bliss


Super adorable cake pops from the reigning cake pop queen herself:

from Bakerella


The cutest, most cheek-pinching ghost meringues I have ever seen:

from Dulcis in Furno


Another awesomely creative cake:

from Delicieux


How sweet is this?

from Cute Food for Kids


Yet another gorgeous cake — the talent is really running heavy this year!

from Texanerin Baking


Very well done – so realistic [shudder]!

from Kitchen Table Scraps


This is like no caramel apple I’ve ever had (Yes! It’s a caramel apple!). The green goo just bowls me right over. Love it!

from Hungry Happenings


This whole thing — from the name, “Spanaspookyta” — to the presentation just made me smile.

from Gourmeted


Coolest, creepist idea of the day: glowing hand punch. It’s all in the chemistry.

from Chow


So impressed by the bloggers out there — mad skillz rule the season!

Now, to end with a little extra fun, take this movie quote quiz from Fork and Beans, and test your witchy knowledge. (I kind of got stalled on number 4, where I just kept going with more lines from the script. I probably should be worried that, most mornings, I can’t find my keys, but I can recite lines from a movie I saw decades ago. Nah. I’d rather worry about what I’m having for lunch….)

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Friday 28th of October 2011

My little Peacock is turning 5 on Halloween...she would love this as her birthday cake...I'm thinking with 5 ghosts instead of candles. Thanks for posting idea.


Friday 28th of October 2011

I love the cakes with the designs in within the cake itself. Fantastic!

Tony P

Thursday 27th of October 2011

No fair not sharing how they were made. A couple of them I can figure out. But some just stump me, particularly the polka dots.


Thursday 27th of October 2011

Click the photos! The polka dot cake in particular comes with a nice tutorial on the original blogger's web site. I don't think the ghost cake comes with instructions, but most of the others do, along with recipes.


Thursday 27th of October 2011

Here I was just whining about how, if I see one more "pumpkin anything" I was going to gag. These are wonderful and restore my faith in creativity! Lol! Totally brilliant! Thanks so much!


Thursday 27th of October 2011

Wow. Now we need to see some Soup Addict Halloween art. I smell a challenge :-)

The ghost cake was epic.