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Spring Planting’s in Full Swing

Spring planting is in crazy full swing. No foolin’. Zone 6 is still having some seriously mild and pleasant early Spring weather: March definitely went out like a lamb. It’s odd to see nearby states on the news buried in snow. (I’m trying very hard not to smirk, btw, lest I curse the entire zone with an April squall….)

I stopped by Home Depot’s garden center on Saturday (the 29th). They had stuff. I had a credit card. It wasn’t pretty. At least I did control myself enough to purchase only things that can go in the ground right now – California Red onion plants, leeks, and rosemary plants (I’ve given up on you, Dear Rosemary Seeds. You’re too stubborn. Lazy, even. I hovered over you for six weeks, nurturing your environment. You returned the favor by not showing up when I needed you most. Again. It’s time we go our separate ways. It’s not me. It’s you.)

I’ve recently become head-over-heels infatuated with the flavor lemongrass, and after a little research, discovered you can grow it at home. I bought some stalks at the grocery, cut the tops off and placed them in a cup of water. It wasn’t long at all before they were sending up shoots (see photo below). Once they produce a nice root cluster, I’ll plant them in containers. (I’ve also ordered established lemongrass plants from a nursery ( that actually knows what they’re doing with it ;^) – just in case – but so far the homegrown approach has been interesting.)

I was also able to secure a plot in a community garden that just happens to border my property. (This is the same community garden that brought on the Attack of the Skanky Squash Beetles last year that decimated my cucumber crop. No hard feelings, though.) I’m seriously excited about not having to tear up any more of my yard for more sunny garden space (I’m running out, truth be told) — someone with a big honking John Deere will be prepping that field for planting. My plot’s going to be beautiful, full of colorful veggies and flowers, with nary a zucchini in sight (if the beetles descend again this year, my plot will be immune, and I’ll be taking extra [organic] steps in my main garden to ward them off). The extra space also means growing even more varieties of heirloom tomatoes. Oh yeeaahhh … fresh, juicy tomatoes … with basil … and balsamic dressing … [nom nom nom].

Little Red — hard to believe that just six weeks ago, he was barely pushing his way out of the soil. This is why I find gardening so amazing.
Sweet Basil. They’re growing so beautifully I’ve started pinching off their new growth so they’ll be nice and bushy when they go in the ground.
I sowed heirloom tomato seeds last week — Amish Paste was the first one up (followed by Flamme and Black Krim)
Two lemongrass stalks, sending up shoots. Cool!
My indoor carrot sowing experiment is, once again, working like a charm. I have 44 seedlings (out of 50) in various stages of leafing out. They’re ready to go in the ground, actually.

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Thursday 2nd of April 2009

You are not kidding - I'm dying for a tomato. The craving is so bad that I keep eyeballing the pyramids of grocery store tomatoes (that's how bad the craving it is - I mean, grocery store tomatoes! Yuck!). The end of July seems so far away....


Thursday 2nd of April 2009

What wonderful pictures! My garden is doing great also! Can't wait for my first tomato sandwich!!!