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The season’s first tomatoes. Two green red thumbs-up.

blackkrim2It’s been a wet wet wet Spring. Good in some ways. Impatience-testing in others. I love tomatoes. Adore tomatoes. Crave tomatoes. Tomatoes love heat. Adore heat. Crave heat.

They need da heat.

For all of rain’s completely admirable qualities (life-sustainer, among them), it has its, uh, issues.

Bad hair days. Ruined picnics. Leaky basements. Leaky sunroofs (don’t get me going on that one. It’s fixed now so we’ll leave it be, and I’ll try to get over the trauma).

Rain also drags with it those pesky cold fronts. One day, we’ve got tomato-happy 85 degrees. It rains. The next day, it’s 72. Yeah, tomatoes don’t like it so much. Water, good. Window-opening, good-night-sleeping chilly breezes, hm, no thanks.

Finally … finally … we had a string of heat, and my heirloom tomatoes plants — which are packed full of green globes and over 8 feet tall at this point (yes, that’s feet … I’m keeping the welded wire industry in business), soaked it all in and started letting loose with the color.

Patience pays off — damn, is this going to be an awesome tomato summer! These three ripened on the same day, and didn’t mind vogueing for the camera a little bit before making their debut in the season’s first Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella salad.

Black Krim
Amish Paste

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Thursday 10th of June 2021

Starting to grow tomatoes in our brick flower box 5-6 years ago, instead of blowing $200 on annuals every year, (the box runs the length of the lot in the front yard). Unfortunately, perennials rarely overwinter, stuck up in the cold winter air for months), was the best, and perhaps smartest thing I've ever done, (other than holding ouT for my husband to find me, lol). I live further north and west than you, but we just started flowering about 7-10 days ago, and then back into the mid 60's. Dammit. However, the plants themselves are growing like Jack's beanstalk, and I figure, more plant, more flowers, MORE TOMATOES! I have a whole freezer shelf dedicated to tomatoes, roasted with olive oil, peeled garlic cloves, salt and pepper, and my convection roast setting. Better than candy, I swear. Especially in January!