Thanks for your curiosity. My name is Karen, and it’s true, I’m addicted to soup.

I’d get help, but ya know, I just don’t wanna. I mean, it’s soup. Who wants to be saved from soup?

I’m an enthusiastic cook, baker and organic gardener in Cincinnati, Ohio. I’m also a professional writer with 15 years of technical writing experience and over 50 bylines in tech magazines and journals. My passion for food writing runs deep, and I explore all related topics, from recipe development to nutrition to agricultural policy.

Welcome to my little foodie home on the web! Still want to know more? Visit my FAQ page.

Karen Gibson

Many recipes on this site (and almost all new recipes) will include vegetarian alterations. Some will also be vegan and gluten-free.

You can reach me at soupaddict [at] gmail [dot] com.