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First Seedling Emerges

Alright, it’s way too early to start seeds in zone 6 for home gardening, but, I couldn’t help myself. I had to plant something, had to get dirt under my fingernails, even if it’s just Jiffy-7 peat pellet dirt. I planted basil and rosemary seeds two days ago, because both have long germination periods (2 weeks, minimum).

When I checked moisture levels today, I was more than surprised to see there was one eager Red Rubin basil seedling shaking off its black seed shell (see photo below, left, click to view larger), ready to stand up and greet the world. Hokey smokes. That means I have to set up the grow lights this  weekend, not next. D’oh!

Here’s hoping I’ll have nice bushy Basil plants by the time the last frost date arrives….