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Honey Dill Dip

SoupAddict is really psyched about Super Bowl Sunday. The menu is going to be awesome.

Oh. And there’s the football. Sure.

But mostly, it’s the food. Like this dip. I was really wanting a dill dip that wasn’t the same old almost-a-ranch-dip version. Something that could stand up to both veggies and chips, and not taste like, well, ranch. Something sweet. Something salty. Something different. A few simple ingredients, a little experimentation, and everything came right together.

It’s not too late; you can still make this for the big festivities. It’s a quick recipe that’s ready in an hour. Actually, unlike most homemade dips, it tastes great right out of the gate. Refrigeration just makes it taste that much better.

Start with mayo, yogurt and sour cream.

Fresh dill is exquisite, like nothing else. Use lots. Dried dill works, too. But use a little less than lots.

This is acacia honey, btw. It’s SoupAddict’s favorite. But use your favorite. Honey is much, much better than sugar in this recipe. Trust SoupAddict on this one.

Stir stir stir. Done and done. Wonderfully sweet and salty.

SoupAddict’s very favorite dip receptacle is the Frito. The Frito Scoop to be exact.

SoupAddict also likes Fritos on her ham sandwiches. But that’s a different post entirely.

Honey Dill Dip

1/3 cup mayo
1/4 cup greek yogurt (2%)
1/4 cup sour cream (reduced fat works great)
1/4 cup honey
2 heaping tablespoons freshly minced dill (or 2 teaspoons dried dill)*
salt and pepper to taste

Mix mayo, yogurt, sour cream, honey and dill together in a bowl. Stir well to mix. Begin adding salt and pepper to taste, about 1/8 teaspoon of salt and several grinds of fresh pepper. Taste, and then add more if needed. You don’t want a distinctly salty flavor at this point – just a hint.

Refrigerate for one hour to allow the flavors to blend. Taste again, and add more salt and/or pepper, a little at a time, if needed. Serve as a veggie dip, a chip dip, with chicken wings, or spoon over salmon.

*I wanted this dip to have a strong dill flavor, but if you like just a regular amount of dill, cut back to 1 tablespoon of fresh dill or 1 teaspoon dried dill. Remember that dried herbs are more potent than fresh, so don’t use as much.

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mary bryan

Thursday 5th of September 2019

I love the sound of this dip..sooo, what do you think would be good to serve this dip with?


Thursday 10th of February 2011

Mmm... I can't resist Super Bowl food. This dip looks perfect, I'll have to think of another occasion to make it!


Sunday 6th of February 2011

This looks DELICIOUS... I can't wait to try this recipe! <3