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    • SoupAddict says

      I have not tested any of these suggestions, but hopefully they’ll spark some ideas. If I had to replace coconut milk for my own purposes, I would probably go with cashew milk (or homemade cashew cream made to the thickness of coconut milk). Next, I would try evaporated milk. I’m certain heavy cream, which is of similar density to coconut milk, would be awesome, but o. m. g. the calorie load there. You could also try a creamy plain yogurt, diluted to pourable consistency. San Salvadoran sour cream (not American sour cream – Mexican is far creamier and not as tangy; I can get it at Kroger), with a little bit of water, would probably make me weep with joy. (Hmm, I might have to try that latter, lol.)

  1. Shelly says

    That’s what I thought!!! Thanks for confirming! I am trying this recipe out tonight with a side of nachos!!

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