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Winter Fruit Smoothie

Hello, my citrusy friends. I’ve missed you. Especially you, Blood Orange. You’re one of my favorites.

SoupAddict went grocery shopping bright and early New Year’s morning, when all the revelers of the city were still sleeping off the midnight activities, and, having the store practically to herself, she bounced giddily from fruit pile to fruit pile, planning the day’s brunch with winter fruit smoothies.

SoupAddict has developed an immense appreciation of the variety in seasonal eating that the U.S. climate provides. Mother Nature sure knows what she’s doing. Just when you think you can’t look one more butternut squash in the eye, Florida comes through with bright, juicy citruses that make you smile wide just looking at the fruit pyramids in the grocery store.

SoupAddict squealed with delight when she saw a stack of fresh pomegranates. Sadly, it’s nearing the end of their growing season here in the States, but this tangy fruit with its luscious, crunchy seeds fits right into the day’s plans.

Did you know that the huge pomegranate is actually a berry? Believe it, it’s true.

Tender pulp membranes split to reveal the pockets of edible seeds hiding within the pomegranate. Break open the fruit over a bowl of water in the sink (the juice-laden seeds will sink, the paper-thin pulp will float, making them easy to separate). And wear black. Or a polka-dotted shirt. Or a shirt you want to be polka-dotted.

Our friends in Florida have endured some harsh temperatures this year, so the citrus yields are a tad behind, but SoupAddict scored a Minneola Tangelo (back), a Moro blood orange (right), a lime (you know which one, right?), and a cheerful navel orange, with its belly button tucked in neatly.

SoupAddict also gathered up some out-of-season goodies to go with the glowy citrus.

I know it’s probably just the “January” in me right now, but, a more delicious, mouth-watering photo SoupAddict has not taken in quite a while.

“Processed sugar, I’m so over you. Fruits and vegetables, saddle up, you’re my posse now.”

Until February, when me and sugar will be buds once again.

Your eagle eye no doubt caught sight of the celery and spinach leaves.

“Say, whah?”

Oh, yes. Fruits and vegetables go together like peas and carrots.

So, we’re just going to toss all this yumminess into a blender with some ice and a little pomegranate juice, and hit Liquify.

This fruit smoothie has no processed sugar, no dairy, no fat. The spinach adds all the nutritional goodies that spinach contains. And the celery adds just a hint of a savory note to this sweet concoction.

If SoupAddict weren’t such an anti-morning, get-out-of-bed-at-the-last-possible-minute person, she would fix one of these winter fruit smoothies for breakfast every day. Instead, she’ll settle for weekends and holidays (when she’s up and at ’em at the break of dawn without an alarm clock. Curious, that).

SoupAddict highly recommends the green smoothie (as it’s known, because unlike regular fruit smoothies, they also contain greens). Use your favorite fruit (even frozen fruit works great), and highly nutritional greens — just a small handful — like spinach, kale, mustard greens — you won’t taste them, but you’ll reap all of their benefits. If you want it milk-shake creamy, add some non-fat yogurt and half of a frozen banana. Herbs? Parsley and mint are wonderful. Tomatoes? Oh yes, but wait until they’re in season. Half the fun is in the invention. The other half is in the drinking and knowing you’re doing something really smart to start the New Year.

(And in case you’re wondering, SoupAddict did stick those leftover orange slices in her mouth like fake teeth just before she sucked the juices dry.)


Thursday 17th of February 2011

Hi, Love the pictures, first of all. Amazing. Do you do photography? Second, The smoothie looks delicious! :)



Wednesday 5th of January 2011

You picture of all the fruits together reminds me of those paintings (Renaissance??) of the piles of food spilling out of a horn. My mouth is watering. I hereby enlist fruit and veggies to be my posse too!


Tuesday 4th of January 2011

Love love love blood oranges! Yummmy!


Tuesday 4th of January 2011

I really like that idea of putting just a handful of spinach in to vitamin up the fruit smoothie. Thanks for the great tip!


Tuesday 4th of January 2011

I, too, was begging for any kind of fruit after the New Year! I even resorted to buying a bag of frozen strawberries, because if I had to look at one more pumpkin...Great post!