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Strawberry Limoncello Sangria

Strawberry Limoncello Sangria from

I probably have to qualify this entire post upfront by admitting that I don’t like wine. I don’t like beer, I don’t like coffee (although I like my black tea strong and straight up, iced). The only wine I can tolerate is sweet and fizzy. Moscato, you’re my friend.

So, sangria never made it very high on my list of cocktails. Being that it’s mostly wine and all. And usually red wine, at that (oh dear, yuck). But, taking a cue from the notion that a recipe is just a suggestion, I struck out on my own, determined to make a sangria I could get on board with.

Wine, I can give or take, but spirits are something else entirely (yes!). With strawberries aplenty ’round here, I knew that they were going to form the basis of my sangria, along with a nice, generous dose of sweet-tart limoncello.

Strawberry Limoncello Sangria from

And I found the perfect wine, too: Barefoot Refresh Perfectly Pink. Yes, I know I know, Barefoot is the brand for desperate grocery shoppers who don’t have time to hunt down something more substantial. But their “Refresh” line is fizzy.


Fizzy, affordable (this is sangria, afterall — surely folks don’t waste their best bottles on something that’s going to have a lot of fruit dumped into it?), and pink.

I topped it off with lots of ginger ale and it was super refreshing. A light and fizzy strawberry lemonade, gently spiked. Not only is pretty pink strawberry limoncello sangria spring-appropriate (did I mention all the gorgeous strawberries?), but it’s a cocktail that everyone will enjoy, wine-lovers or not.

Karen xo


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Strawberry Limoncello Sangria

Prep Time10 mins
Total Time10 mins
Servings: 4
Author: Karen Gibson


  • 1 bottle chilled pink sparkling wine like moscato
  • 1 pint strawberries hulled and sliced
  • 1/2 cup limoncello from the freezer, if possible - it doesn't freeze solid
  • 24 ounces chilled ginger ale
  • 1 lemon sliced thinly


  • Add the wine, strawberries, and limoncello to a pitcher. (If you have time, refrigerate this mixture for an hour.) Stir in the ginger ale. Add lemon slices to the pitcher. To serve, pour into glasses, and scoop some strawberries and a lemon slice on top for garnish.
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Carol at Wild Goose Tea

Friday 30th of May 2014

Well I do like wine. But I a getting into this spirits thing the last year, big time. This is fun recipe. I can see myself sitting on my deck happily drinking this.


Friday 30th of May 2014

I wish I liked wine, I really do. But, I seems to get around that shortcoming okay with stuff like this. ;)