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Dark Chocolate Pistachio Brittle

Dark Chocolate Pistachio Brittle 1

It’s fascinating how micro-trends pop-up on the interwebs. One day, Trend X is everywhere you look; the next, gone in a flash: Oreos in everything. Saffron in everything. Egg nog in everything.

This week alone, I’ve seen a dozen recipes for chewy, caramel-ly, nutty-somethings, just on the sites I regularly browse.

So I pinky-swear that I made this brittle before the deluge of nut caramels hit the interwebs. In fact, it started out as simple pistachio brittle, but then in subsequent rounds I added dark chocolate because it just seemed to be screaming for chocolate.

Or maybe that was me screaming. I can’t be too sure these days.

But then I scheduled this post for the week of Christmas because I thought no one would be doing a nut brittle just days before Christmas.  Psych!

The interwebs always has a way of showing who’s boss (and it’s rarely me [pout]).

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